IAS Organizes First Session of Kashmir Talks Feb19


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IAS Organizes First Session of Kashmir Talks

​International Affairs Society held a seminar/talk with an open house for questions with Professor of Operations Management, Dr Farid Malik on Thursday 13 February 2020. We initiated the program by asking Dr. Farid’s take on the current situation in Kashmir. In response to the question, he plunged into the history of the freedom struggle which has actually been going on long before Pakistan was dreamt of. At the time of partition, the Kashmiris were conflicted about their decision. 3 parties were formed:

·         Those who wanted to join Pakistan

·         Those who wanted Kashmir to be an autonomous, independent state

·         Those who wanted to join India

Most of the people in the Pakistani half of the subcontinent  are working men and clerics by nature while those in the Indian half are artisans, entrepreneurs etc. Dr. Farid discussed possibilities regarding the end of the conflict, including:

·         Allowing the Kashmiris to form an independent, autonomous state

·         Allowing them to decide their loyalties

·         Having them fight freely in an all-out armed conflict

In the Q/A session Dr. Farid was asked to elaborate on the violation of Article 37 and why had it been so easy for PM Modi to do so, as if he had no fear of repercussions. He made it clear that India has made itself a necessary part of the world’s trading business. Hence the world is hesitant to speak up against it, which PM Modi knows all too well, resulting in an increase in his boldness.This led to the question of whether Pakistan had failed the Kashmiris, despite its claim of support. He replied it was true to some extent that Pakistan did not live up to its claims of love and support.​