IAS Organizes A series of Talks titled ‘Beyond the Borders’ Jun16


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IAS Organizes A series of Talks titled ‘Beyond the Borders’

As we transition into a ‘new normal’ world, IAS planned its latest series of talk titled Beyond The Borders. Through this we will be getting in touch with various speakers around the world and try to give you a glimpse of what is happening ‘beyond the borders’. All sessions will be streamed live on our Facebook page.

Our First Session:

For our first session we had a total of three speakers on board from the US andPakistan. We did a comparative analysis on the current situation and the expected future on both sides of the world in fields like education, environment and the economy. Also, this gave us a sneak peek on what issues are being faced in a developed and financially stable country, while on the flip side of the coin how is a developing country with limited resources coping up through this pandemic.

Topic: A comparative analysis between Pakistan and US on the current pandemic.


1. Dennis Taylor – Professor Emeritus, Hiram College – Hiram, Ohio

2. Maida Ali – Department of Education, FCCU – Lahore, Pakistan

3. Mariam Khalid – Development Economist, FCCU – Lahore, Pakistan

Questions on education were answered first, followed by economy and environment. We learned that difficulties are being faced in developing countries, but the developed part of the world is not unharmed either. The governments should be listening to science and take decisions accordingly. Also, the clear skies do not mean that people should stop caring about the climate. As Dennis Taylor said, “There is a global water crisis that is still moving forward, at a rate that is going to cause dramatic shifts in human population throughout the world.”

In the end a music session was hosted by FCCU student Malik Shehryar

The live session on Facebook has been watched by 1.2k people so far.

Watch complete show recap here: https://youtu.be/nNhzDV4X5HI