IAS Arranges Second Annual Game of Nations Dec15


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IAS Arranges Second Annual Game of Nations

To promote and implement the concept of ‘Fun & Learning’ and making students learn about the different cultures, practices, and traditions around the globe, International Affairs Society arranged the second annual Game of Nations on December 13, 2019. It was a bit similar to the scavenger hunt, however, we put a twist in the game by mapping world continents over the buildings and oceans as the grounds of FCCU. Participants loved the mind-numbing and witty puzzles plus the geography involved, was a cherry on top.

All the clues associated with particular places, one way or another represented continents or regions mapped on that area. The game started with a race and the participants got their clue sheet. In E block (Middle East) participants collected marbles from a box of sand which was basically representing a desert. As N block represented Europe participants had to find and scan a QR code and recite a sentence of a European language. S Block, which was Korea and Japan, participants solved a cipher code. In Sinclair they got a clue, had to guess what country of Asia it was about and find that country’s flag which was hidden in the area. Moreover, from hope tower they got a QR code and had to act out a famous Hollywood scene in the QR video. This all is just a glimpse of what the clues were like.

After the successful completion of all clues, participants gathered together, where there scores were calculated on the basis of quality and accuracy of the clues completed. The winning team was awarded a food voucher worth PKR 5000/- valid anywhere in Lahore.