IAS and IES Commemorates Women Day Mar10


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IAS and IES Commemorates Women Day

This Women’s Day at FCCU, International Affairs Society along with Intermediate English Society invited two remarkable women of our community, Dr. Aarfa Sayeda Zahra and Dr. Nida Kirmani. The honorable guests discussed the importance of Women’s Day and “Aurat March” which is observed every year on March 8, 2020. Today people confuse women’s demand for their rights with immodesty, our goal of this event was to end this confusion.

Dr. Zahra addressed the audience and explained that the fundamental idea of all religions and cultures is the right to happiness and equality, and this has been lost over time. She also expressed the wish to live neither in a masculine nor feminine world but a human world. She ended her speech with a beautiful verse:

Hum ko mita sakay ye zamanay main dum nahin

Hum sy zamana khud hai, zamanay sy hum nahin”

Dr. Nida Kirmani emphasized the actual goals of Aurat March and the reason why it is held; to raise awareness for the rights of working women. She explained how the work that women do extends to their household responsibilities for which they are offered no compensation or appreciation. She presented statistics regarding female participation in the labor force and how it is vital to empower our women to work for the collective progress of our society. Dr. Kirmani asserted that without appreciating women and their roles, both inside and outside the home, we will be unable to elevate the status of women in society.

The speeches were followed by an interactive session between the guests and the students in which questions about the rights of women were asked. This led to some enlightening discussions regarding common misconceptions and the future of women in our society.