IAS and EWC Holds Climate Week at FCCU Oct04


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IAS and EWC Holds Climate Week at FCCU

International Affairs Society, in collaboration with Earth Watch Club, believing in the UN slogan about Climate Change “A race we can win” arranged ‘Climate Week FCC’ in solidarity with Global Climate Strike (20 to 27 Sep) to take the first step on our behalf. Global Climate Strike were to cause awareness about the disturbing climatic changes that are taking place around the globe and to highlight the do’s and don’ts to make the environment better. In FCC there were three events planned, namely, the slogan competition, movie screening and talk on climate change on 20th, 23rd and 25th September, respectively.

Slogan Competition and photo booth
On 20th September, the slogan competition was held in the E-extension. The participants were asked to write a slogan about the climate week, and for that purpose the back side of a discarded flex was used promoting no wastage of resources and the idea of reusing, hence enhancing our main idea of the climate week. Plants were given to all the participants of the slogan competition and the winners with the best slogan received metal straws. A photo booth was also arranged for the participants to take their pictures and post them so we can promote it on different social media grounds. From the beginning to the end it was made sure that each and every step we take proves to be climate friendly, including the prizes that were presented to the participants.

Movie screening
Wall- E was screened on 23rd of September in E025 from 1 pm and onwards. It was a movie based on the time period of the 29th century and what might happen then if we continue to go in the direction we’re already headed to. Wall-E was a robot that was left on Earth for making it clean and to get rid of all the waste. But after hundreds of years doing what he was built for, Wall-E discovers a new purpose in life when he meets a sleek search robot named EVE. EVE comes to realize that Wall-E has inadvertently stumbled upon the key to the planet’s future, and races back to space to report to the humans. Meanwhile, Wall-E chases EVE across the galaxy and sets into motion one of the most imaginative adventures ever brought to the big screen. The movie grasped the interests of the student and they enthusiastically came in numbers for the screening.

Talk on Climate Change
A talk was arranged on 25th of September and some professionals on the prevailing issue of climate change were invited.

Mr. Ahmad Rafay Alam had the talk title ‘The climate crisis; global response and impacts on Pakistan’. He analyzed the global response to climate change and its current impact on Pakistan. He evaluated how recent heavy rains, heatwaves, floods, and droughts have adversely affected the country. He also discussed the demands made during the Lahore Climate Strike, which emphasized on the need to declare a climate emergency.

Ms. Sara Hayat had the talk title ‘Climate change affects us all but still some more than others’ and she discussed the unequal impact of climate change, particularly on women. She mentioned that the effects of climate change will be enormous in terms of completing household chores and will make it difficult for women to fulfill their household duties, especially those living in rural areas. Other aspects such as water scarcity, food insecurity, and floods are more likely to impact women than men.

And our third speaker Dr. Derk Bakker spoke on the different worldviews that shape our thinking and decisions regarding climate change. His talk title was ‘We’ll all be rooned, said Henrehan” a view on climate change and a way forward’. He briefly discussed the Malthusian and Cornucopian schools of thought, and explored how individual efforts, as well as leadership, is necessary to combat the problem.

The main purpose of these talks was to find new ways to make positive changes in the climate, for making the earth sustainable for the upcoming generations and converting knowledge about climate change into actions. All the participants who were the part of the talk were given E-certificates. Also, guest speakers were given metal straws so they also may promote the idea further and an even positive impact is created on the environment.
Through all this we attempted to promote the idea of how we can do climate friendly events in FCCU, using as less resources as possible, saving all time, money and most importantly the environment.