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Guest Lecture by Leadership Forum on B2B Marketing

On 29 November 2012 the Leadership Forum arranged a guest lecture on “Marketing in B2B Environment” by Mr Khawaja Junaid Musleh– B2B Channel Marketing Manager at Shell Lubricants.

The lecture was attended by nearly 150 students from the School of Management, especially those studying and specializing in Marketing. It was an interactive session that started off with Mr Musleh asking the students to list down what they expected to learn from this session and then he moved on to lecture them on how what marketing was and how B2B marketing differed from conventional B2C Marketing. There was a constant flow of questions from the audience to the lecturer and the students were engaged throughout this session. The lecture ended with Mr Musleh referring back to what the students had expected to learn from this lecture and showed them how almost all their questions had been answered.











“This was a very insightful lecture and has cleared up a few misconception I had about B2B marketing.” said Taseer Raza Hassan, a senior in the School of Management specializing in Marketing.

“Mr Junaids’ lecture was very interactive, and his knowledge of B2B marketing was superb. I found this to be very enlightening.” said Maha Ather Butt, a student of Marketing in theSchoolofManagement.

“It was actually good to see someone with a significant rank, sharing his knowledge regarding something we haven’t studied yet. The slides were pretty enlightening and I think there such lectures and sessions should take place more often.” Said Khadeejah Hafeez, a student of Marketing in theSchoolofManagement.

Mr Junaid Musleh, was invited up to the Executive Lounge for tea was presented with a token of appreciation by the President of the Leadership Forum, Ch Mubah Sultan.