Greenovation: Registrations Open Apr11


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Greenovation: Registrations Open

If you have an idea

  • To make your campus environment friendly
  • To make use of waste products
  • And to change the perceptions of people towards environment conservation

Then this is the time to step ahead and make your voice heard by participating in FCC’s first Green Initiative. It is not only the chance to present your idea but also to win a cash prize of Rs 10,000 and many other exciting prizes.


  • Teams of 3 to 5 members
  • Students of any major or discipline can register
  • Registration charges: Rs 500/- per team
  • Last date to register: 15 April, 2013
  • Each registered team will be assigned a facilitator for further guidance
  • Registration desks are placed outside N-Block

Greenovation events:

All of the registered teams are going to participate in following three activities:

  • Step up
  • Lets Greenovate
  • Be the change

Step up: Pick any non green issue of FC, devise a solution to turn this issue green. You will have to give a 5 to 7 minutes presentation on your this idea. The winning idea will be implemented in FC by Earth Watch Club in collaboration with the Student Activities department and Plant Operations department. Some example non-green issues are:

  • Save water
  • Save electricity
  • Making use of daily waste produced at the cafes
  • Reduce paper usage

You can either select one of these topics or any topic of your choice, but either of the selected topic is first to be approved by your facilitator.

Presentations will be held on 23 April 2013

Lets Greenovate: You will have to make use of waste materials easily available around you (plastic bottles, cans, straws, papers etc) and make a useful product out of them. You are allowed to Google for ideas but try to be creative in your ideas and put an extra effort in this activity. Detailed criteria for making the useful product will be provided to you on 20 April 2013. Your model should must meet those requirements/criteria.

These models will be exhibited in an exhibition to be held in S-008 on 24 April, 2013. All the participating teams are required to exhibit there models in that exhibition as the judges will judge your work in this exhibition only.

Be the Change: Now here is something creative, you are required to make a one minute public service message and a poster of 18” x 12” (either of landscape or portrait orientation). Video and poster should convey same public service message. The theme of the message must have something to do with environment conservation. You are required to be creative in your ideas, as much as you can, to win this competition. All the videos have to be submitted in soft copy to your facilitators by 20 April 2013.  These videos will be posted on our Facebook page. A judgment criterion for videos is as following:

  • 40% based on Facebook likes
  • 60% based on judge’s marks

Videos will be screened in S-009 on 25 April, 2013. Posters will be exhibited in S-008 on 24 April, 2013 with the model exhibition of the activity “Lets Greenovate”.

For queries, please contact us at: