GHS holds talk on national security and peace Sep27


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GHS holds talk on national security and peace

The Griswold History Society conducted a lecture on the theme of security and peace talks titled ‘Tehreek-e-Taliban vs Pakistan’. The guest speaker was Mr Ayaz Amir who is a famous Pakistani politician and renowned journalist. The talk centered around the proposed peace negotiations between Tehreek-e-Taliban and Pakistan government.

Mr Amir stressed on the absence of clarity of moral ground and the legality for the talks. Mentioning the back ground, the speaker pointed out that Pakistan was able to survive and prosper in its initial decades but later on the militarization of the society led us into this confused status-quo which is currently prevailing in the society. The main point of the talk was his concern regarding the success of the proposed peace talk because the Taliban ideology and demands were extra constitutional and moved far beyond the line mapped out by our constitution. It is necessary to decide on what term we will be negotiating with Taliban and what happens if talk fails on the table.

After the lecture the guest speaker Mr Amir visited the campus with Col Rana Khaqan Mahmood, Director of Safety and Security, Prof Nawaz, Chief Proctor and the President of GHS.