FSS Organizes Talk on The Importance of SDGS and Their Contextual Significance Nov12


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FSS Organizes Talk on The Importance of SDGS and Their Contextual Significance

The FSS and the Department of Statistics have always been committed to providing students with an experience of the outside world and its nuances in all their reality. The world we live in is ever-changing and the generations of today face challenges that are unprecedented. Keeping in line with this vision, FSS decided to provide the students with an illuminating talk on the importance of SDGs and their contextual significance for our own country. The world of the future is a world that will be built upon sustainable growth with the economic, social and environmental factors calculated and incorporated into our thinking, manufacturing, and consumption. To guide and educate the students in this regard, Miss Bushra Anis Naqvi was invited via a Skype session to give a lecture on SDGs in all their visionary hope for the future.

Miss Bushra is an experienced educator who has worked with several international and local organizations. She has helped initiate many projects and regularly worked as a consultant for the British Council. She is also the UN teach SDGs ambassador and an educator of superior intellect. She began her lecture with many interactive activities which were surprisingly fun and thought-provokingly effective.

She introduced the SDGs in a simple yet broad manner and proceeded to include all the students in her discussion. She effectively described the importance of the SDGs not only for the world but also as a roadmap and blueprint for Pakistan to solve it’s social, economic and environmental problems and adapt to an ever increasingly- precarious future. The students were immersed in relatable and informative talking points despite technical difficulties.

The talk went on for an hour and was well attended by many students taking time out from their lunch hour. Respected members of the faulty were in attendance as well as the Dean of Natural Sciences and other members of faculty from various departments. The students asked many questions and Miss Bushra included them in the discourse with brilliant skills as well. At the end of the session, Chairperson of Department of Statistics, Dr Sharoon thanked the respected guest and the students for their efforts in initiating a debate on important subjects such as the SDGs. The event proved to be a massive success for the society and reiterated the belief of FSS that these events are important to give the students a full view of the world as it is and as it might turn out to be as they go forth in their respective professions.