FSS Organizes a Motivational Talk by Mohsin Hashmi Dec21


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FSS Organizes a Motivational Talk by Mohsin Hashmi

The Department of Statistics and the Forman Statistics Society are committed to a passionate pursuit of a complete academic experience for their students. The earlier events conducted by the society were primarily focused on academic topics and they were a big hit. But this time around, FSS took a different road and it was an experience to behold for the students to say the least. The student were brought a motivational talk by the great Mr Mohsin Hashmi himself. His credentials know no match. An excellent corporate and educational trainer with an exceptional manner of interaction with his audience was bound to be a treat. His lecture was focused on giving the students the perspective that they lose somewhere along the way as they indulge themselves in the competitive world of education today. What made Mr Hashmi stand out from the myriad of motivational speakers was the manner in which it never seemed like a lecture but an interactive session designed just for the students.

The attention of the students never wavered. Mr Hashmi has a gift for giving his audience a gripping and personal experience that they never forget.

The students took active part in his limericks. The faculty was present and as intrigued as the students themselves who were immersed in Mr Hashmi’s mannerisms.

The whole event was the first of its kind and a major success for FSS.