FPSS holds lecture on NATO Evacuation from Afghanistan Oct22


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FPSS holds lecture on NATO Evacuation from Afghanistan

Forman Political Science Society (FPSS) organized a lecture on NATO Evacuation from Afghanistan and its impact on the region, on 10 October 2013. The guest speaker was Sardar Asif Ahmad Ali, former Foreign and Education Minister of Pakistan.

He talked about the evacuation of the NATO forces from Afghanistan and said that NATO troops are now caught up in a complex war shaped by two pre-existing and overlapping conflicts: one local between the different ethnic groups in Afghanistan and the other regional between the nuclear powers India and Pakistan. He started right from the time when the Afghan land was under the influence of different empires and said that agreement has to be reached to include the Taliban in the existing political system.

He said NATO evacuation will lead to peace in Afghanistan and that is in the interest of the people of Afghanistan, the region and the international community. In answer to a question about the presence of NATO forces how it could be possible to make Afghanistan a stable and terror-free county.  In his concluding remarks he stated that NATO exit may trigger a proxy war in Afghanistan and that tensions between Pakistan and India will intensify along with resurgence of the Taliban.