FPS hosts welcome party for Freshmen Nov19


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FPS hosts welcome party for Freshmen

A welcome party was arranged on 12 November 2014, by the Forman Photography Society as part of the welcome week initiative. This party was arranged for the freshmen class of 2014. The purpose was to provide the students with a DJ Night where they could enjoy to their fullest before they get consumed by the workload of university life.

Going through the admission processes and getting into a completely new institution can be extremely tiring; hence FPS aimed to provide a moment of joy and celebration were the audience could forget all their worries and enjoy a period of great music and fun.

Over 600 freshmen students attended this event and were amazed by the great management and setup it had to offer. It was a joy to see how everyone was having fun. Furthermore, the night also proved to be an event that was responsible for a great deal of bonding among students. Forman Photography Society aims to come up with more events for students in the future.