FPS holds multiple events for Forman Experience Aug22


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FPS holds multiple events for Forman Experience

Forman Photography Society has always provided anchorage to inspirational photographers. The success of Forman Freshmen Experience 17 has set out new standards, where our Walled City Trip embarked a total of 192 students with praises for the management still fresh in the air, a total of 12 photo booths that lined the E block had everyone engaged, the Photo Story Telling left us all wondering about how mere words can talk for a wordless picture and the Scavenger hunt got ten times more fun with registrations from a total of 38 groups. This is just the beginning and we promise it surely isn’t the end.


Forman Photography Society organized the following events for Forman Experience.

Scavenger Hunt: 08 August 2017

This event comprised of hints that lead the players to seek for items on the list that was provided by us. A total of 38 teams registered and it was a lot of fun.

Photojournalism/Photo storytelling: 10 August 2017

This event had participants submit photographs they took, along with a caption. The most suitable caption that complemented the photograph was declared as the winner followed by a Runner-up and a 2nd Runner up. The winners were presented with a shield.

Human logo: 10 August 2017

The Freshmen lined up for the Batch photograph, during this particular event. The Freshmen sat down for the Human logo, as they were instructed to form the number 21.

 Photo booths: 08 August 2017

There were 12 booths that lined the E squares with props made by our Creative Team, whilst the Freshmen were photographed holding numerous of these by our photographers.

Walled City Tour: 11 August 2017

This was a trip that was arranged for the Freshmen so that they could get in touch with their old roots and traditions. A total of 192 students registered where all of them trekked through the old city starting from the Delhi gate and ending at the Lahore forte. The trip was a huge success.