FPDC 2011 Nov22


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FPDC 2011

Formanite Debating Society (FDS), a student run society at Forman Christian College, is a platform for students to polish and showcase their art of elocution. The society is known inside and outside the campus for its best speakers and debaters. This year, The Forman Parliamentary Debating Competition 2011 (FPDC), held by FDS from 18 November to 21 November 2011, attracted 450 participants from all over the country.

The championship kicked off on Friday 18 November at 5: 00 pm in Armacost and Elahi buildings simultaneously. English debates took place in Armacost Building on the topic “THBT excess of money has amaged the spirit of sport” and the motion for Urdu in Elahi Building was “اس ايوان کي راے مين پيسے کي کثرت نے کهيل کی روح کو مجروح کيا هے”.


On the second day, all the teams assembled again for octa finals which included an Enforced Humor Round in both English and Urdu on the topic “THW replace Hina Rabbani Khar with Dr Firdous Aashiq Awan as Foreign Minister” and “يه ايوان حنا رباني کهر کي جگه فردوس عاشق اعوان کو وزير خارجه کا عهده دے گا”. The whole day the campus was booming with crashing arguments. At the end of this day, a theme dinner was served to all the teams followed by a DJ night in the courtyard of Armacost Building.


Third day saw the quarter and semi finals of English on the Motion “THBT government has the duty to bail out financial institutions” and “TH prefers Imran Khan over Nawaz Sharif” and semi finals of Urdu were on the topic “يه ايوان امران خان کو نواز شريف پر ترجيح دے گا”. The day ended with FAST and PU as the Urdu finalists and FAST and LSE as the English finalists.


On Monday 21 November, finals of FPDC were held in Elahi Building Auditorium between English and Urdu finalists. The auditorium echoed with arguments and counter arguments on the motion “this house will not show the horrors of war”. FAST won the Urdu championship whereas the English winners trophy was clinched by LSE. The Chief Guest for the final was Dr Peter H Armacost, Rector FCC, who gave away the prizes to the winning and runners up teams, the adjudicators and the organizers of the event.

FPDC, in the third year since its inception, has maintained the standard of providing a huge interactive learning experience to the participants and the audience.