FORMUN holds a session at Beaconhouse School, Faisalabad Dec20


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FORMUN holds a session at Beaconhouse School, Faisalabad

A team from FORMUN  went to Faisalabad on the official invite from the Beaconhouse School System, Faisalabad. Muhammad Omer Imran, Ahsan Ali, Affaf Shaikh and Usama Nasim were the people who represented FCC. The agenda of the session was to introduce the students of Beaconhouse to MUN. It was an interactive session which included a discussion and Q & A session so that every aspect of MUNing was covered.

Ahsan Ali talked about the technicalities and rules of procedure. M Omer Imran introduced the MUN Society there and officially invited them to FORMUN. Affaf Shaikh and Usama Nasim presented a presentation on the technicalities of MUN conference and MUNing rules. The audience was also briefed on the history of FCC, FORMUN’13, various events conducted by the MUN society, and their achievements at different MUN conferences.

People who attended this session were delighted to know about FCC and FORMUN. They had a good learning experience and they got a lot of insights on MUNing skills.

Many students showed keen interest in attending FORMUN’14. It was a successful visit which brought a good name to the society and our institution. The turnout from the students of BSS was very impressive. MUN society of FCC is thankful to their hosts for their hospitality.