FORMUN Society shines at GIMUN ’12 Nov21


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FORMUN Society shines at GIMUN ’12

On 8th November, 2012 a team of ambitious members of the MUN society left the gates of Forman Christian College to participate in one of Pakistan’s highly competitive and formally renowned MUN competition at GIK Institute, GIMUN ’12.

The team comprised of 11 participants including the President of the MUN Society Rija Irfan (DISEC), Freshman’s Asad Sheikh (UNHRC), Novera Hassan (UN WOMAN), Sonaal Rizvi (MEMS), Seerat Khan(UNDP) as well as Sophomores namely Baela Minhas (UNSC), Aimy Safi (UN WOMAN), Anmol Yasmeen (DISEC), Narmeen Ijaz (UNHRC) and Ahmed Butt (SPECPOL) and a junior at FC College, Khurram Nawaz Sheikh (UNDP).

After a journey of almost 7 hours the team entered GIK with high spirits and expectations. The competition spanned over 3 days. More than300 delegates participated from institutes all aroundPakistan. The competition began with the opening ceremony with Aitazaz Ahsan as the chief guest of the ceremony. He gave a very laudable speech and delegates asked him questions regarding politics and current affairs. On the night of the first day our teams representing the countriesAustria andFrance put up an amazing display of their countries’ cultures and ethnicity at the global village. The committee sessions started from the second day with three, four hour longs sessions in a day. The FCC students displayed excellent diplomacy skills and carried out an excellent dialogue at the committee session, making everyone recognize the institute as well as the students as a force to reckon with in the MUN circuit.



The second day ended with Noori’s concert as a treat for all the delegates to let go of all their stress and exhaustion from participating in the back to back committee sessions. The concert was brilliant and all the delegates sang along to the songs that Noori performed.

The third and final day began with another, yet the last four hour long session, which was the toughest as it determined who would win. So the delegates debated on the proposed Draft resolution according to their specific countries’ foreign policies regarding the issue their specific committee was debating on and finally passed the draft resolution.

After the last session the GIMUN team had organized an amazing session by the renowned speaker, writer, educationist Umair Jaliawala on “Dastaan-e-ishq, The tales of love”. It was a very inspiring session where Umair gave real life examples on the different issues that he talked about. He touched different aspects of life and motivated people to have a positive approach towards life. He also gave the message of peace and prosperity and becoming the best a person can be and making the best out of whatever situation came your way. The speech also had a touch of Sufism to it. His speech was very inspiring and heart touching, many delegates were found drying their tears after the session ended.


The closing ceremony that was held shortly afterwards marked the end of the conference; the delegates patiently anticipated the results. The chief guest at the closing ceremony was Asad Omer, he also gave a speech and appreciated the efforts and enthusiasm of the delegates attending the conference. After his speech and a long question and answer round the award ceremony began. The chairs of each committee announced the results and FC College roared with joy every time one of the participants received an award.

From the delegation of France Rija Irfan participating in DISEC and Novera Hassan participating in UN Woman won the best delegate awards and Asad Sheikh participating in UNHRC got an Honorary Mention. From the delegation representing Austria Aimy Safi participating in UN Woman and Narmeen Ijaz participating in UNHRC won the Outstanding Diplomacy awards and Anmol Yasmeen Participating in DISEC got an Honarary Mention. Team FC shined at GIMUN and brought back recognition and respect for themselves, the MUN Society and FC College.