FORMUN holds mock sessions for ACMUN Sep06


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FORMUN holds mock sessions for ACMUN

The Forman Model UN Society has come up with a more motivated approach this year. The society is taking each coming event very seriously and it is preparing the delegates to go forward in the MUNing circle of Pakistan. MUN society held a mock session for ACMUN on 4 September 2013 so that the delegation of FCC was well-prepared.

Ahsan Ali was followed by Affaf Ahmed for conducting the session on a day before the ACMUN Conference was going to start.

The agenda for the session was ‘Terrorism in Pakistan’. Every delegate of the two teams came well-prepared to the session. The teams had a heated debate over the topic which was pleasing to witness; especially when a mature debate was coming from the side of new MUNners, Intermediate and Baccalaureate students inclusive.

The session proved very beneficial for the delegates who represented FCC at ACMUN.