FORMUN holds mock sessions & 5-day camp Nov22


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FORMUN holds mock sessions & 5-day camp

FCC’s Model UN society organized a mock session for both Intermediate and Baccalaureate students. It was conducted by Affaf Ahmad and Usama Nasim.

This MUN mock session comprised of five phases, one day for each phase. The first phase was on the elaboration of the basics of MUN, the main bodies, committees and organs. Secondly, the general rules and regulations of an MUN conference were made clear. In the next phase the students were required to examine the case studies; Desert Storm and Rwandan. Mock sessions based on the “Syrian Civil War” were held on the last two days of the mock camp.

The mock session was a success. The students’ preparation on the topic and the assigned countries and their determination towards the mock camp was remarkable. The FCC MUN team was successfully able to create the proper training environment. It was a mix of contributions from the teams and the trainees.

The Forman MUN Society wishes to thank the logistics team. They made it sure that the placards and other materials reach the mock session in time. This Model UN camp is still on the go and it will end by the start of December.