FORMUN holds Intra FCC MUN ‘13 Feb27


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FORMUN holds Intra FCC MUN ‘13

The Model UN Society at FCC recently held its annual internal MUN event, Intra FCC Model United Nations ‘13. The event was set up basically to groom and educate the newcomers in the MUN circuit about the basics of diplomacy, international relations and the agendas of the United Nations.

Initially, it was scheduled to be a three-day event, comprising of 6 formal sessions, a social event and a closing ceremony on 21 January 2013.

The Intra MUN proved to be a highly competitive platform for each of the participating individuals as it was divided into three committees, featuring balanced and highly debatable topics, and with each committee having a large number of participants and a couple of experienced Shadow Delegates as well. There were three committees included in this year’s Intra MUN:

  1. United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) (later UNGA)
  2. World Health Organization (WHO)
  3. Pakistan National Assembly (PNA)

Each committee started showing signs of promise from their very first sessions as the newbies immediately took it upon themselves to steer their committees in the right direction. The committees were headed by senior members of the FCC MUN Society including:

  1. Rija Irfan and Usama Nasim (Co-Chairs UNHRC)
  2. Ahsan Ali and Novera Hasan (Co-Chairs WHO)
  3. HafeezurRehman Hadi and Moazzam Ali Khan Manj (Co-Chairs PNA)

On the first day, the committees displayed high levels of debate on each of their respective topics. Each and every delegate had to keep in mind the diplomatic stance of theirs and other countries as well as the foreign policy and international relations of their own country in particular. On top of all that, the delegates had to adhere to the functions of their respective committees, (in the case of UNHRC, the committee deals with the protection of Human Rights and liberties). Bearing all this in mind, each delegate went forth and engaged their counterparts with substantive and logical arguments which were backed by facts. The first day saw a stampede of arguments and workable ideas brought forward by the delegates.

By the second day of the event, the WHO and the PNA had already started preparing and discussing working papers for their respective topics. The most interactive committee was the WHO where 3 working papers were brought forward and a consensus was being discussed for the drafting of a resolution. The PNA was also not far behind as the debate focused around the demilitarization of the province of Baluchistan and the cessation of targeted Military operations in the Baloch separatist regions.

The UNHRC, (which was later converted to the UNGA) was still trying to reach a consensus over the situation in Syria after the Arab Spring and the factors that were the causes of the ongoing civil war in that country. After the end of the 4th session, the delegates prepared themselves for an evening of partying and socialization.

The House Party organized by the MUN Society was not only a great way to relax and unwind after a day of rigorous debating, but it also had an amazing theme:SINCITY! Accordingly, the delegates and attendees alike dressed themselves up in fancy costumes and attires and enjoyed the social event to the brim. What made this party special was the presence of a DJ and a tricked out pyro system. The event lived up to the hype surrounding it and was a memorable affair.

The PNA unanimously passed its resolution on the final day of Intra FCC MUN after a heated and sentimentalized debate concerning military dictatorships. The UNGA came up with two working papers in the final sessions and a resolution was passed after the making of some necessary and workable amendments. The WHO was unable to reach a consensus upon core issues regarding the problem of food shortages in third world countries and hence was unable a draft a resolution.

After the conclusion of the committee sessions, the awards were announced on the official Intra FCC MUN’s Facebook page, with 2 delegates of the PNA receiving Outstanding Diplomacy Awards and one Honored Parliamentarian Award, while The UNGA awarded 2 Best Delegate Awards and 2 Honorary Mentions, respectively.

The Intra FCC MUN was without a doubt a positive step towards finding and grooming new MUNer’s and debaters for the future of FC College. The positive attitude of the chairs and senior MUNer’s was appreciable and gave the newbies a dose of confidence. The chairs and the ACD’s were also highly cooperative and helpful, and provided all the necessary guidance and information that was needed for the official proceeding of a Model United Nations conference. Most importantly, the newcomer’s showed zeal and rigour and were quick to pick up the rules of an MUN Session. With the arrival of the newbies and them having made their presence felt at Intra FCC MUN already, the MUN Circuit at FCC is definitely heating up!