FORMUN holds interactive session on volunteer work Nov13


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FORMUN holds interactive session on volunteer work

An interactive session on volunteer work with a NGO was conducted under the umbrella of FCC’s Model UN society on Wednesday 6 November 2013. The session was conducted by the CEO of the NGO, Ms Ashba Kamran. She started her session with the introduction of “Paidal”. It is an awareness campaign launched by FRESH (Foundation for the Rehabilitation and Education of Slow Children). She enlightened the students of FCC on the projects her organization works on and the areas being targeted.

She has worked prominently for the children with learning disabilities. She has initiated a project called FRESH Reading Clinic. The program aims to help children with problems like dyslexia to overcome their learning difficulties and lead a normal, literate life. The remedial program works on the reading and writing ability of children. They have adapted a well-framed methodology to work this through, which covers a wide spectrum of learning from phonemic awareness to vocabulary development and comprehension.

“Green Meadow Schools” is another initiative by this organization, which functions as a sub-unit of the FRESH Reading Clinic initiative. This session was intended to let the students know about this NGO and get some dedicated people on board as volunteers for the job. Interested students can get in touch with the Student Activities Office or MUN society representatives on campus.