FORMUN ’15 held at FCC Feb20


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FORMUN ’15 held at FCC


FORMUN ’15 was held from 28 to 31 January 2015 and attracted delegates from all over Pakistan.

An avid historian and Turkish Diplomat Mr Mesut Kacmaz, Ms Rachel Chen Officer of Public Affairs at the US consulate and Mrs Ammara Malik were present at FORMUN ’15.

Mr Kacmaz elaborated on the motto of “By Love, serve one another” he had several references to the Hadith and the Holy Quran, to show that the essence of Islam in in this very motto especially in the light of Maulana Jalal-Ud-Din Rumi.

The guests believed that FCC instills the values of compassion, understanding, tolerance and humanitarianism through its liberal arts education.

Juggan Kazim was also invited as a guest speaker and began the session with an enlightening talk about combating terrorism by eliminating the hate within us and the need for political correctness. Mr Zeshan Rahat, a renowned economist, was also invited to talk about combating Pakistan’s ever growing problems. He talked about empowerment through education and about understanding our motto, ‘by love serve one another’.
Ahmed Rubbie Jamshad from Teach for Pakistan showed an inspiring video about the need to combat illiteracy and how catering to it will help millions of Pakistanis in realizing their life goals, as education is necessary to serve humanity. Dr Yaqoob Khan Bangash, from FCC’s History Department, claimed that the only way to happiness is thought service to humanity and that life is void and empty without a thing called service. Dr Bangash also stressed the importance of forwarding all productive resolutions from MUN conference to the UN. Mr Javed Arshad Khan Manj briefed about the history of ICC and Pakistan’s affiliation with it.


On the third day of FORMUN ’15, the delegates were invited to a social event, Kulturabend, featuring a ramp walk, dance and musical performances. A band from FCC, The Three Musketeers, also performed at the event.

As a part of its social responsibility program, FORMUN ’15 invited students from Shadab School. Assistant Director for FORMUN ’15 Publications Team, Noor, hosted the ceremony. The hall overflowed with delegates, chairs and members of the host team alike, all cheering for our special guests.

A Masters Round was held on the the last day of FORMUN ’15. After four long days of committee sessions and resolution papers, delegates got to see their chairs going through the same experience. The chairs were given a PNA crisis committee and were allotted various political personalities. Being a social event, it was livened up by the chairs through imitations and an exchange of wits. However, the topic was handled professionally and the crisis was resolved among all the fun. It was a session which helped everyone learn the art of debate and also lightened the mood after four rigorous days of debate.