Forman Biology Society (Senior)

The history of the Senior Biology Society can be traced back to the early 20th century. It split into Botany and Zoology societies in 1970 but was reconstituted in 2006.

The objectives of the Society are to:

  • develop a sound understanding of the concepts of biology among students via a variety of outside-the-class activities
  • promote the formation of study groups and peer tutors for courses offered in the Biological Sciences Department
  • develop leadership and professional skills in biology students
  • disseminate the latest information related to biology and biotechnology
  • act as an academic resource center
  • provide members with social events and activities
  • act as a bridge between the students of biology from different universities.

Its activities include:

  • Lectures and seminars on topics related to concepts and applications of biology and biotechnology.
  • Trips to national and international universities to develop links between the students of different institutions and give broader exposure to biology students at FCC.
  • Trips to biology-related industries and to sites for flora and fauna collection.
  • Quiz competitions to promote a healthy competition in academics between the students.
  • A “Bio-Tutor” program in which selected students with excellent credentials in biology provide help to non-science students who have difficulty in studying biology courses.
  • A “Bio-Artist” competition to develop students’ creative to illustrate the concepts of biology in an interesting and innovative way.

Membership is open to all students interested in the life sciences.

Advisor:  Rana Salman Anjum
President:  Salman Nawaz