Forman Biology Society

The history of the Forman Biology Society (FBS), previously known as Senior Biology Society, can be traced back to the early 20th century. In 1970, the society was split into Botany and Zoology; however, it was reconstituted in 2006. Over this period of time, FBS has continued to serve as a beacon of enlightenment, disseminating meaningful knowledge and wisdom to the Forman Family.

Forman Biology Society aims to develop a sound and coherent understanding of the concepts of biology among the students through a variety of projects and activities. Moreover, acting as an excellent academic resource center, the society aims to promote the qualities of leadership and scientific professionalism among the aspiring scientists. One of the major objectives of FBS is to bridge the gap of innate differences between the students from the Department of Life Sciences and the students from all the other departments at FCCU. For that reason, FBS is always open and welcoming to the interested students belonging to all of the academic domains.

Forman Biology Society holds lectures and seminars throughout the year that help propagate purposeful information to learners from various academic backgrounds. Among other projects, Science Cloud” and “The Science Cult” are two of the recent ones that are operating on Instagram/Facebook and Reddit respectively. These projects, lead by our Research Team, are actively functioning to provide present-day updates and information available under the umbrella of Biology and Biotechnology. Furthermore, FBS actively conducts quiz contests that promote healthy academic competition between the students that is necessary to keep the doors of innovation and creativity open to everyone.

We, at FBS, believe in a shared responsibility of contributing towards a quintessential tomorrow, so we are always working earnestly to play our part for a better and brighter future. We keenly look forward to welcoming you all!”

Advisor: Dr Rana Salman Anjum

President: Amna Tahir

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Facebook: @Forman Biology Society

Instagram: @formanbiologysociety