FMS holds events for Forman Experience Aug23


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FMS holds events for Forman Experience

FMS prepared two major attractions at Freshmen experience. The initial and the premier chore carried out by our team was an eye-catching stall at a very convenient spot in S-octa. It managed to portray FMS as a complete source of entertainment. Purpose of the stall was to brief the freshmen about our society. Couple of members were on registration table while a few were for the oral guidance. Our stall comprised of a number of captivating tag lines that served as picture-props. Musical tags were also there for a visual aid. Every member did his part in quite a convincing manner. The other major activity done by our team was the unmatchable ‘Flash Mob’, right in the middle of the S-octa that caught the attention of the viewers. The 20 minute performance was worth watching as it made the freshmen, glue their eyes on our incredible dancers. Fiery Flash mob beat the heat and managed to install thrill among the students. ‘ONCE MORE’ that was the only thing we got to hear after our sizzling dance performance. Both the tasks were amazingly done and fulfilled the purpose of instant entertainment and an introduction of our society.