FJS welcomes class 2022 Sep12


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FJS welcomes class 2022

The stall of Forman Journalism Society was full of eccentric activities like board game, crush confession and several fancy photo-booths which greatly attracted the Freshmen. The students were seen taking pictures in the fancy photo-booths. The printed News Letter displayed at the stall of FJS was able to attract a large number of people because of the exhilarating activities it showed in written form that the FJS conducts throughout the year.
Forman Journalism Society had opened its registrations for the Freshmen so that they could become a part of the society by volunteering for its events. The Freshmen showed an eager response and were willing to be part of a society which is diverse from welcoming the Lollywood actors to inviting foreign delegates in its event like Digitalent. The distinct activities and entertaining events that FJS conducts throughout the year were of great attraction for the Freshmen, who hoped to utilize the platform of Forman Journalism Society to learn and exhibit their talents.