FJS Oragnizes Jeeto FCC (Christmas Special) Dec22


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FJS Oragnizes Jeeto FCC (Christmas Special)

Forman Journalism Society organised Jeeto FCC-Christmas Edition to relish the true spirit of Christmas. This event was held in the Sinclair Hall from 05:00 pm to 09:00 pm on 20th December 2018. FJS was able to get amazing sponsors like La Dolce Vita, World Times Institute, Western Attitude and Blue Rudolphee.

The event began with recitation of Holy Quran and Holy Bible. The event started with the reminiscence of “Jeeto fcc” in Freshmen week, with a slight introduction of Forman journalism society and then very talented hosts of FCC Arham, Talha Nadeem and hifsa sherwani set the audience on an exciting roller coaster ride of games and elation. It was then followed by exciting segments like Mummy Dummy.

Balloons challenge, Dance competition, Hanky panky , Push ups, Junk in the trunk, skipping rope and competition in who eats the cupcakes first. The winners of each game were given gift hampers of Leisure Club and Engine. The show took to next level when Ahmed Bashir impersonating Amir liaqut took to stage and conducted Jeeto FCC. He cheered the crowd by his talent of mimicry, asked questions and gave participants gifts. The crowd went wild at the Fashion Walk conducted by FJS, where clothing was sponsored by Western Attitude and Blue Rudolphee and an energizing song was sung by President of FMS Malik Shehryar while the models graced the ramp. FJS hosts also thanked their president Mian Ahmed Shuja for organising an event which celebrates Christmas through spreading love and peace among a diverse audience of Formanites. The event was also attended by several faculty members including the ones from Mass Communication department.  The Head of Mass Communication Department, Rachel Aruna Hasan and advisor to FJS, Saqib Saleem laid their positive and tremendous support behind the FJS president in making this event possible and indeed a success. Manager Student Activities, Qundeel Rabani also showed up at the event and FJS hosts thanked him for his support.  The event was indeed a success and a night emblazoned with fun , entertainment and indeed glamour.