FJS & Mass Communication Dept invite Jugnu Mohsin to speak Nov05


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FJS & Mass Communication Dept invite Jugnu Mohsin to speak

The Forman Journalist Society (FJS) along with the Department of Mass Communication conducted an interactive lecture with the guest speaker Jugnu Mohsin who is a famous Pakistani journalist, Managing Editor and Marketing Director of Good Times, Friday Times and Beyond Borders Television.

The topic of the lecture was ‘Threat and Challenges to Pakistani Journalists’.  Jugnu Mohsin talked about the security threats Pakistani journalists are going through. She also revisited 1999 when she, along with her husband Najam Sethi who is also TV anchor and journalist, had to pay for criticizing government. She stressed that being journalist is not just about getting a job, particularly if someone wants to remain true to their journalistic responsibility without taking any pressure, it is actually putting your life at stake.

She advised the Mass Communication students to think through the reason behind the threats from political parties, pressure groups, state agencies and then devise a strategy to work properly. A student asked about the way to keep a balance between these obvious threats and responsibility. She commented that being a journalist, students must keep their facts straight and even while criticizing must be aware of giving credits to the person for the right reasons.

Head of Mass Communication Department, Dr Mian Ahmad  Hanan expressed gratitude and presented Jugnu Mohsin a bouquet of flowers as a token of thanks.