FJS invites Sohail Warraich to talk about media and its role in society Sep29


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FJS invites Sohail Warraich to talk about media and its role in society

The Forman Journalism Society invited famous TV anchor Mr Sohail Warraich on Friday 26 September 2014 to converse about media and its role in society.

Opening the session, Chairperson Mass Communication Department, Mr Muhammad Ali welcomed the guest and listed the concerns and perceptions students have about the functioning of the media, in particular about the choice of issues the media covers and the content of programs.

Vice Rector FCC, Dr Sufian Aslam, Dean of Humanities Dr Waseem Anwar, FJS Adviser Faiza Rafique and Co-Adviser Syed Muhammad Saqib welcomed Mr Warraich.

Addressing the audience, Mr Warraich, who is a Formanite , first recalled his student life at FCC. He then shed light on society’s overall inability to resolve conflicts, and how media provides alternative perspectives for a healthy debate in society.

Media now, he said, has transformed the society and raised people’s awareness, which is important in forming balanced opinions. “Media has provided people the opportunity to form and express their opinion. In that, media has played a healthy part in the evolution of society as a whole and has influenced all sectors of life,” he said.

Sohail Warraich insisted that Pakistan can only change when tolerance is promoted. He urged the need for the media to make programs on education, civic and other issues of public importance.

There was a question answer session at the end of his talk, which was very enlightening. Students compared the foreign media’s narratives about Pakistan to Pakistani media’ counter-narrative.

Laal Bands’ lead singer and guitarist, Taimur Rahman, also shared the platform and voiced his opinion. He shed light on the sacrifices the journalists have been making for freedom of expression.

The session ended with his dynamic musical performance which was well appreciated by the audience.