FJS arranges a lecture by Haseeb Khan on Self Branding Mar18


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FJS arranges a lecture by Haseeb Khan on Self Branding

Forman Journalism Society of the Mass Communication Department on Thursday 17 March 2016 arranged a lecture by renowned actor and academician Mr Haseeb Khan on Self Branding.
Mr Haseeb Khan shared the valuable experiences of his life with the audience. He explained the idea of self branding or marketing through informative slides and videos in order to motivate the students to think out of the box and do something extraordinary in order to prosper. Sharing the many ups-and-downs occurring in his life, Mr Khan advised the students to never give up on chasing their dreams regardless of whatever the society has to say about them and to explore their abilities and nourish them to the extent that one becomes a brand him or herself.
Faculty members of the Mass Communication Department as well as students of varying majors participated in the inspirational-cum-informative session with great enthusiasm. FJS advisor, Faiza Rafique and Lecturer, Syed Muhammad Saqib Saleem thanked Mr Khan for sharing his valuable time and life experiences with the students and handed over a bag of souvenir to him.