FJS Invites Cast of Film Sherdil Mar13


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FJS Invites Cast of Film Sherdil

Forman Journalism Society conducted an interactive session with the cast of Pakistani movie, Sherdil, based on Pakistan Air Force, in E038 on March 12th, 2019. After a brief introduction given by Arhum and the singing of the National Anthem, the mic was handed over to Nouman Khan, the Director of Sherdil. He told that Sherdil is a movie based upon Pakistani Air Force and includes elements such as romantism, action and thriller. Then Mikaal Zulfiqar who has played a role of a sindhi cadet in film came up to talk. He informed the audience that the movie was not just based on air force but also on how to convince a family whilst dealing with love. Next off hassan Niazi who has played role of an Indian named as Arun Virani, briefly talked about the film and his role. Kashif khan who is playing the role of an eastern don came up and gave the message to support movie in order to support the nation . Next off Mister Aqeel who is playing the role of  a cross border Sikh also showed up and talked about his role. 

The interactive session was supervised by the Advisor FJS, Assistant Professor, Syed M Saqib and was led by President FJS, Mian Ahmed Shujah. There were number of Formanites waiting outside the Hall to get glimpse of Pakistani actors, and the crowd was greatly overwhelmed by hearing the experience of Team Sherdil in making this Air Force theme movie.