FJS hosts a Game Show, Jeeto FCC Sep09


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FJS hosts a Game Show, Jeeto FCC

To make the Freshmen Experience more thrilling, the Forman Journalism Society transcended beyond the normal trends and organised an eccentric and exhilarating show ‘Jeeto FCC’. The event was supervisied by the Advisor FJS and Assistant Professor, Syed M Saqib and organised by team FJS under the presidency of Mian Ahmed Shujah. The event was a perfect amalgam of exciting activities and funny tasks which gave the students a chance to get rid of their monotonous routine. The event also included in it the energetic dance and music performances, which truly entertained the freshmen. The students were very happy as they got to witness both humour and entertainment sections within one show. The mimicry of Amir Liaqat gave fits of laughter to the students.
The captivating activities of the show were able to allure the freshmen to watch the whole show. The Freshmen were very enthusiastic to participate in the event. The response of the freshmen was this huge that it led to a houseful for the event ‘Jeeto FCC’. The auditorium E-137 is one the spacious halls in FCC, but the number of students willing to attend the show exceeded its capacity. The crowd was greatly enchanted by the segments of the show. To further entertain the students and acknowledge their participation in Jeeto FCC, the council of Forman Journalism Society also gave gift hampers to the participants who had won a particular challenge. Jeeto FCC truly lived up to the expectations of the freshmen, who not only attended in great number but also showed positive response by participating in the show.