FJS holds Column Writing Competition Nov27


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FJS holds Column Writing Competition

Forman Journalism Society organized a Column Writing Competition on 25 November 2015. This event was the last among the series of competitions held by FJS which had been ongoing from the last two weeks. Students of the baccalaureate program and intermediate took part in the event.

Students were asked to write a column on The Impacts of the Paris Attacks on Muslims around the world. The students had to produce a column comprising of 300 words, either in Urdu or in English language, which was to highlight their say on the topic. The total time allotted to write the column was one hour.

These series of competitions, which involved: News reporting, Feature writing and Column writing, took place under the supervision of  Lecturer and Advisor FJS, Faiza Rafique. The results of all the three competitions shall be announced on Monday 30 November 2015. The names of the winners shall be uploaded on the official Facebook page of FJS. Furthermore, the winners shall be contacted individually, by FJS, in order to appreciate their efforts and to provide them with accolades.