FJS holds an Intra FCC Media Festival titled DIGITALENT ’17 Dec13


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FJS holds an Intra FCC Media Festival titled DIGITALENT ’17

After a series of successful interactive sessions with the most renowned celebrities of Pakistan, Forman Journalism Society aimed to provide another event DIGITALENT 17′ an Intra Fcc Media Festival, showcasing short films, music videos, documentaries, trailers, posters and TV Commercials made by the students and faculty members of FCCU. It was a two-day event held on 4th and 5th of December, supervised by the society advisor and Lecturer of Mass Communication, Syed Muhammad Saqib Saleem. The event was divided into various segments. The entire auditorium 025 was filled with students and the faculty of Mass Communication department along with our very prestigious panel of judges were invited to witness the best projects established by the students and award them. The schedule of Day 1 was divided into 6 segments and started from the recitation from Holy Scriptures at 01:00 pm sharp, followed by the opening address which also included the introduction of the entire executive council.

After this, a very beautiful and heart touching Sufi Kalam was performed by Syed Murtaza Hamdaani, followed by the first round of screening for short films and documentaries which included “Noor” and “Raangon ki Qeemat”. Later, a series of dances were performed by our very famous “Marlbros” gathering audience attention to a whole new other level, followed by the second round of screening. Similarly Day 2 was again divided into segments and this time the event started earlier. Third round of screenings was held at 10:00 am sharp where short films like “Suffer”, “A cry”, “Unknown” based on women harassment and “Aik tha Director” a comedy short film were showcased, followed by dance performances by our super talented Team Socials of Forman Journalism Society which served as a great source of entertainment for the audience. There was another segment that had all it’s attention to a special screening of a movie “Mard Ban” (Be A Man) by a French Director Aurelie. She was called upon stage to discuss her idea of the movie and what issues do our society face especially men who aren’t vocal about their feelings and lay in mind a different concept of coping up with their emotional problems. A series of questions were asked by the students about the enlightenment of the movie, engaging them in the session. Finally, an award ceremony was held where students were awarded, based on their acting skills, the awards and their winners were :

Best Actor Male: Ahmed Mahboob

Best Actor Female: Suzane D’Souza

Best Short-film: Suffer by Ali Waqar

Best Documentary: Bandishen by Ashbel Najam

Best Editing: Unknonwn by Saud Javed

Best Storyline: A Cry by Ashbel Najam

Best TVC: Rameen and Asfand