FJS arranges Movie Screening and Director’s Talk Mar12


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FJS arranges Movie Screening and Director’s Talk

Forman Journalism Society of Mass Communication organized a screening of the film, Gardaab following the director’s talk on 11th March, 2019 in S-009 from 12 to 3 pm. It was a film by Mr Harune Massey, Mr Massey is based in New York and Lahore and has been working in the film and advertising industries in New York. He has worked as Assistant Director in leading films from Pakistan such as Good Morning Karachi by Sabiha Sumar and Zinda Bhaag by Matteela Films. Gardaab is Harune’s first feature film as director.

The event had Formanites in an awe as they saw the movie and behold the scenes with heightened emotions. The screening was supervised by the Advisor FJS, Mr Syed M Saqib and attended by Chairperson, Ms Rachel A Hasan and other faculty members from the department. The movie was a loose adaptation of Romeo Juliet, as explained by the director, Mr Harune.  The film starts with the celebration of birthday of one of its characters named Kabir Jan. One of the guy from the celebration area crashes into the women area, where he bumps into Abdullah Jan’s daughter Parveen. Then the movie’s main plot starts getting divulged to the audience as parveen’s father wants to marry her to Asim but she isn’t willing to get married to him. Then the characters of Shahbaz, Akmal and Miss Christina arrive in the movie with their side of plot connected to that of aforementioned characters. At the end , Akmal kills Shahbaz and then kills himself and audience also get to know that Shahbaz killed Parveen’s family at 12 as he was being used. The movie had a tragic end but it kept the viewers glued to the screen till the end. Indeed it was quite an engrossing production of  Mr Harune Massey. He was applauded by everyone for the message and theme. Director had an interactive session with the audience where he shared his experiences behind executing an enthralling project and production like Gardaab.