FJS arranges a lecture on Right to Information May04


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FJS arranges a lecture on Right to Information

Forman Journalism Society with the collaboration of Punjab Information Commission arranged a lecture on the Right to Information by our honorable guest speaker Mr Sohail Waraich. The session was held on 30 April in auditorium S-009. Mr Sohail was warmly welcomed by the society council and the students of FCCU. The session was supervised by Advisor FJS, Syed M Saqib; Lecturer, Ms Nida Tahseen and Ms Mahwish Batool. It started by show casing of a short documentary in which students were shown working and gaining the experience needed to excel in life. They talked about their experience of working in the Punjab Information Commission. Work, Learn and Change were the main motives that lived by. Our guest speaker, Mr Sohail Warraich was then invited on stage to further talk about the entire idea. He started by his brief introduction and talked about his early life back in FCCU where he had studied as well as taught. He also discussed Right to Information Act and the division of society. He also emphasized over the abolishment of class system in Pakistan and the right of raising opinions. Later on, a short session of questions and answers was encouraged, where students asked questions to our respected guest speaker and answers were given accordingly and in the end brochures were distributed among the audience for information of the internships offered to students.