FIHPS Celebrates Pakistan Day Mar23


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FIHPS Celebrates Pakistan Day

Forman intermediate History and Pakistan Studies society have organized a session on the eve of Pakistan Day. The guest speaker Dr Sikander Hayat, Dean of Social Sciences & Distinguished Professor of History & Public Policy  elaborated the historical context of the Lahore Resolution. As an eminent historian and renowned scholar, he explained how this Resolution proved to be a milestone in the journey of Indian Muslims for their Independence. He explained the whole proceedings of the three days (22 March 1940-24 March 1940) 27th annual session of All India Muslim League in a very comprehensive way. He enlightened the importance of Lahore Resolution in the independence movement of Indian Muslims for a separate state. He also narrated the events and happenings in changing the name of Lahore Resolution into Pakistan Resolution. This great session has fulfilled the dire urge of student’s curiosity for knowledge. All intermediate students sang the national anthem to pay a tribute to this memorable historical day (Pakistan day).