FES holds Educational Parliamentary Debates Nov11


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FES holds Educational Parliamentary Debates

Formanites Education Society organized EDU-FEST from 02 November to 06 November 2015.  It was a 4 days event consisting of various activities and the society held Educational Parliamentary Debates on the second day of the event. The event took place in S-008 from 10:00 am – 03:00 pm.

The nature of the debate was Asian parliamentary . Four teams participated in the competition but only the best two teams reached the final round. The participants of the government team were Rizwan Saleem, Ahsan Rasheed and Wajeeh Shah while the opposition team had Ehtesham Akhtar, Zain Tahir and Zahra Ali Abassi on board. The  topic of the final round was This house supports traditional examination methods over other alternative assessment techniques.

After a fiery debate team 1 who was the government stood as the winner. The winners were awarded with with the shields and the certificates at the certificates distribution ceremony which took place on the last day of the event.