FES commemorates Teacher’s Day Oct25


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FES commemorates Teacher’s Day

Formanites Education Society celebrated Teacher’s Day for three days. Different events were organized for each three days.

Day 1:

On October 4, students of university and college were asked to share their opinions about their favorite teachers all around the campus. Envelops were given to the teachers with the cards. We tried to capture the happiness and the proud moments of teachers in FCCU.

Day 2:

On October 5, invitations were given to the teachers who were the most favorite teachers among students of FCCU. Seventy teachers were invited .

Day 3:

On October 6, the teachers were invited to the E-block Auditorium. A skit was performed to pay tribute to the all teachers of FCCU. Fun games and refreshment were arranged for the teachers for their entertainments and teachers were also awarded with gifts and souvenirs.