FDS shines at GIKI parliamentary debating competition Nov27


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FDS shines at GIKI parliamentary debating competition

Keeping the legacy alive of producing great debaters, an FDS team comprising of fourteen members recently went to Topi, KPK to participate in the annual parliamentary debating completion held at the Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Science and Technology from 15 to 17 November 2013.

This competition followed Asian (for Urdu) and British style (for English) parliamentary debates. FDS had registered two teams for each language. The two English teams comprised of Muhmmad Adeel and Ahsan Ali (FC A) while M.Omer Imran and Momin Niazi (FC B) represented the second English team. The two Urdu teams comprised of Shayan Shaukat, Adnan Warriach, Jahanzaib Awan (FC A) while Waqar Karim, Haffez ur Rehman Hadi, Uzair Khan (FC B) represented the second Urdu team. The rest of the members went as adjudicators and observers.


This was a three day parliamentary debating competition with six rounds (four initial, one semi-final and one final). By the sheer brilliance of all our speakers, all our four teams qualified for the semi-final which itself was an achievement. It was after the semi finals that FC B from both English and Urdu came a step closer towards winning the championship and thus qualified for the final after defeating much stronger opponents from LSE, PU, UCL etc.

In the final round FC B and UCL C spoke as proposition teams against NUST A and GCU B. After an intense final round, Momin Niazi and M. Omer Imran (FC B) emerged as victorious after winning with a solid margin of three against the other three teams in the English category. While in the Urdu final Waqar, Hadi and Uzair (FC B) were declared runners up while PU B as winners. M.Omer was adjudged as the best speaker of English category while Adnan was acknowledged as the best speaker in Urdu after the initial round.

This achievement was only possible due to the endless efforts of all the speakers and is now considered as a landmark victory. This has certainly opened up new doors, new possibilities for FDS in the debating circuit and will motivate new speakers to join in.