FDS reaches finals of DECBATES Mar15


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FDS reaches finals of DECBATES

Dec-bates is an annual debating competition hosted by FAST-NU, Faislabad that took place on 2 March 2013. Under the slogan, ‘Let’s talk it out’, FAST-NU, Faisalabad played host to a number of participants coming from all over Pakistan.

Representing Forman Christian College, we had 2 Urdu teams and 2 English teams each comprising of 2 participants. Urdu Team A consisted of Ahsan Ali and Uzair Khan. While in Urdu Team B, we had Hafeez ur Rehman Hadi and Waqar Karim.
Both teams spoke with great fervor and managed to enter the Finals round, upon where they lost out to Punjab University and FAST-Lahore.

On the English side, we had Naima Farooq and Sidra Bashir for English Team A and Muhammad Omer Imran and Momin Niazi for English Team B. Among the 16 competitive teams, our debaters performed well only to lose out in the semi-finals.