FDS hosts All Pakistan Tetra Lingual Declamations Nov27


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FDS hosts All Pakistan Tetra Lingual Declamations

The Forman Debating Society hosted its second annual ‘All Pakistan Tetra  Lingual Declamation Competition’, from 21 to 22 November 2013.

Under the banner of Tetra Lingual competition, four major languages of Pakistan were represented. The speakers had the freedom to express themselves in one of the four languages, namely English, Urdu, Pushto and Punjabi. A total number of 45 teams participated in Urdu and English categories which is the hallmark for an unprecedented event.

The first day opened with a host of participants arriving from various schools and universities from all over Pakistan. On day one, the competition heated up between the English and Urdu speeches where every speaker was seen to stir the crowd with their passionate monologues. Judging the competition for this day were Sharreh Qazi, Hamza Tarar, Anwar Ul Haq and Ms. Alvina Waseem. Institutions like PU, GC, FAST,SISA, UET Taxila articipated in this competition, making the total teams to be 45 in total.


The second day brought with itself a plethora of great speeches this time in Pashto and Punjabi. The topics chosen for all four categories remained coherent with Pakistan’s current situation because of which almost all the speeches presented touched an emotional chord with the audience. The passionate speeches given by the Pashto speakers resonated with everyone when they spoke of the stereotyping, attacks and the problems they have to face in Pakistan.

The Pashto speeches came to an end with the presiding judge, Dr. Noor Rehman giving his speech. While congratulating all the speakers for their mastery in their dialects, he also talked a bit about the opportunities of Pashto students in Lahore as well as other regions. He praised the efforts of the Formanites Debating Society for providing platform to the Pashto speakers which was a commendable effort. Pashto cup was won by Government College University .

The judges for the Punjabi speeches were Dr Mohammad Tahir and Dr Ghafoor Shah Qasim, both from the Urdu Faculty of Forman Christian College. The Punjabi Forman cup was won by the government college university.

The final round of the competition began with an introduction of renowned debators who would serve as judges for the final round. We had Mr GM Shah,  Mr Fahad Ali Kazmi, Mr Mudassar, Mr Ishtiaque Ahmed and Dr Faisal Kamal Haidery.  The Tetra Lingual All Pakistan Declamation Trophy was won by Punjab College.

The trophies were handed out by the Acting Vice Rector Dr Sufian Aslam and Vice Rector Intermediate Dr CJ Dubash.