FDS holds Forman Lahore Debate Open Nov27


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FDS holds Forman Lahore Debate Open

The Forman Lahore Debate Open started on 19 November 2015 and had a huge turnout of teams from all over Pakistan. The event was held from 19 to 23 November. The event convener was FDS President, Aneeq Sarwar Khan. Over the 5 days of the event, the level of debate was remarkable and the esteemed adjudicators had their work cut out for them. Kudos to the entire host team for pulling off such a successful competition and for managing it so efficiently.

Being a hothouse of innovative ideas, FDS organized a cricket match at the end of the second day of parliamentary matches. The response was highly positive and the sight of FCC’s main ground lit up by floodlights was beautiful. Likewise, the barbecue night the next day was greeted with enthusiasm by both the host team and the participants. On the last day, the overwhelming Orchestral Readings left everyone awestruck. This 5 days long nationally acclaimed event is a prime example of how FDS continues to grow in its level of success and prestige. Such events will soon be a staple of Forman Christian College and take it to new heights.

The finals of the tournament were attended by esteemed personalities, including Distinguished Professor for Mathematics and Physics, Dr Hoodbhoy; Professor of History, Dr Arfa Zehra; Professor of Sociology, Dr Flowerday and Vice Rector Intermediate, Dr Dubash. Dr Arfa gave a very moving speech and Dr Hoodbhoy shared some of his thoughts with us as well and commented that he found this to be an “impressive level of debate”. We heartily congratulate the teams who made it to the final and especially the ones who won the coveted winner’s trophy. For the rest, we sincerely hope that this tournament was at least a great learning experience for you and gave you some cherish-able memories.

Winners of U19s: SISA, (Taha Iqbal and M Ali)
Runners up: LACAS Burki. (Ammad Tareen and Anum Mehmood)
Motion for the Final Round: THBT Pakistani high schools should aggressively promote the notion that Pakistani citizens share an Indian cultural identity.

Winners of Urdu Final: GCU A (Hassan Qadeer, Raza Gillani and Hamza Abbas)
Runners up: PU A (Sohail Ahmad, Abubakar, Samiullah)
Best Speaker Award: Abbas Bukhari

Winners of English Final: UCL Alumni (Sarmad Iqbal, Fareed Ishaque)
Runners Up: ST. Anthony’s Alumni (Hafiz Usman, Hashim Bajwa)
Motion for the Final Round: THS the proliferation of regionally specific human rights regime, despite their variation from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Best Speaker Award: Raza Hassan