FDC perform plays for Freshmen Sep23


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FDC perform plays for Freshmen

The last event was an ode to what dramatics really is in FCCU. Forman Dramaatics Club performed its two immensely anticipated plays of the Freshmen week in a jam-packed hall; Seat Finity war and Shanakht. Seat Finity War was a comedy play revolving around a battle for admission at FCCU, between superheroes of both Marvel and DC. The success could be measured by hearing the entire auditorium burst into laughter, after every minute, and by their genuine applaud.
Shanakht was a play with a rather serious and awareness provoking plot. It revolved around the agonizing lives of transgenders in Pakistan and aimed at portraying the horrors they go through because of society’s intolerance.
Between the plays, there were dance performances by team socials.