FCS hosts M-Lab Sessions May11


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FCS hosts M-Lab Sessions

M-Lab is a Makerspace initiative by a group of students under the flag of Formanites Computing Society. The initiative is based on the idea of having a creative space where students and faculty, irrespective of their backgrounds, learn and share knowledge through a collaborative effort and hands-on approach. It aims to provide a co-working environment and necessary tools, which will be used by students, faculty, and staff to build projects to innovate using technology and solve problems. The initiative started in Fall 2016 and is an ongoing project itself. As of now, the team hosts weekly sessions in which students and faculty take part to learn and prototype different projects using specific technologies and learning methods. The initiative is currently being advised by Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Dr Nazim Ashraf. The team includes Abdullah Nafees, Hasan Gillani, Ammar Saqib and Omer Khalil.