FCS holds Gaming Competition for Freshmen Sep01


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FCS holds Gaming Competition for Freshmen

Formanites Computing Society organized a Gaming Competition for the freshmen class as part of Forman Experience on 18 August 2016. This gaming competition was organized exclusively for freshmen students and covered all the famous games available on all platforms. PCs and consoles were available for students to choose based on their comfortability. The following games were selected for the competition: Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Counter Strike for FPS fans, FIFA for sports fans, TEKKEN for fighting fans and Blur for racing fans. A large number of freshmen students took part in this competition and strive their best to win. Call of Duty and Counter Strike were played in teams while Blur, Tekken and FIFA were played individually.The winning teams and participants were given prizes and certificates. We would like to applaud our team for their effort to make sure that no technical issues occur during the competition.