FCCYDC holds a seminar on Cracking the GRE for International Graduate Degrees Apr22


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FCCYDC holds a seminar on Cracking the GRE for International Graduate Degrees

FCC Young Development Corps Society arranged a seminar on “Educating Pakistan: Cracking the GRE for International Graduate Degrees” on Wednesday 20 April 2016 to provide the students an interactive session with the Fulbright Scholar from FCC, Dr Suleman Abdia and GRE expert from LUMS, Muhammad Aurangzeb.  Dr Suleman Abdia, Fulbright Scholar from FCC, talked about the importance of Fulbright program and requirements to secure an admission in best colleges in USA. He further related the importance of GRE to attain a Fulbright scholarship in US and enlightened the students with the personal experiences he had while completing his postgraduate studies under Fulbright scholarship. He also outlined the application filling techniques required for filling out a Fulbright application.  Dr Abdia explained each section of the application individually and enlightened the students about the importance of academic performance.  Furthermore he outlined the importance of co-curricular activities that a student carries out during his career. As personal statement is an essential part of the application process, he provided tips for writing a good personal statement and also explained what should not be written in a personal statement. At the end he presented the need to modify our country’s path towards development using Educational platforms available after graduation.

Mr Aurangzeb enlightened the students with the purpose and importance of GRE. He also discussed different sections of exams, questions, answering techniques, and time stipulation in the GRE exam. He told students how the GRE preparations need enthusiastic behavior for vocabulary since freshmen year at undergraduate University. Among other techniques he emphasized on developing a reading habit and keeping a dictionary. He also differentiated between GRE general and GRE subject test and their relevance. Addressing students who are not good at math, he advised them various techniques that one uses in solving the Math section.   At the end, a twenty minutes question and answer session was conducted by both speakers with the students to ease any queries they had. Students were mostly confused about performing well at Math section of the GRE test. The GRE experts explained the techniques to students by which they can secure good marks in the Math section.