FCC students’ participate in GRAMMUN’13 Nov08


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FCC students’ participate in GRAMMUN’13

LGS 1/A 1’s 2nd annual GRAMMUN was held from 31 October till 3 November 2013. The head delegate from FCC overseeing 12 students through 6 committees was Rizwan Anwer, who ensured the active attendance, training and gave all the first timers a rigorous yet fruitful few days of training despite the lack of time for preparation and the delay in country / personality allotment.

The training sessions were held in S block. The first time delegates were placed in all 6 committees such as SOCHUM, PNA, UNHRC, Game of Thrones, DISEC & HCC. Each of the FCC delegates in these committees performed magnificently, including Intermediate and Baccalaureate students.

The delegation sent to GRAMMUN won a few awards and we are proud of their achievement and thrilled that the first timers were able to take away a learning experience and hopefully see this as an incentive to sign up for other MUN’s in the future.

The delegates and committees who participated in GRAMMUN were:

  • Rizwan Anwer and Ali Bukhari, Denmark and Netherlands respectively in UNHRC
  • Haya Awais and Shanzay Asim, Denmark and Netherlands respectively in SOCHUM
  • Haroon Butt and Qasim Hussain Khan, Denmark and Netherlands respectively in DISEC
  • Ghalib Wasim and Hassan Butt, Tyrion Lannister and Renly Baratheon respectively in Game of Thrones
  • Mohammad Zubair and Hassaan Karim, Daniyal Aziz and Arif Alvi respectively in PNA
  • Saalimah Saeed and Tayyab Mehboob, Canada and Japan respectively in HCC

Awards won:

  • Rizwan Anwer Won Honorary Mention in UNHRC as the Delegate of Denmark on the topic of Sex Slavery in the 21st century.
  • Shanzay Asim Won Honorary Mention in SOCHUM as the Delegate of Netherlands in the topic of Universal Abolishment of the Death Penalty.
  • Qasim Hussain Khan Won Special Mention in DISEC as Netherlands in the topic of Situation in Syria

A special mention was given to Asad Shoaib who was the Crisis Chair for many committees and helped think up some very interesting and unique crisis situations for the delegates to tackle in the due course of the 3 days of debate.

Rizwan Anwer, the Head Delegate of GRAMMUN for the FCC delegation was very pleased with the performance of all of the delegates and highly encourages everyone to always look forward to more MUN’s and was glad to learn that each of the delegates walked away with a memorable MUN experience.