Faculty of Humanities and FDS hold debates about literacy Nov13


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Faculty of Humanities and FDS hold debates about literacy

Under the auspices of Pakistan Higher Education Commission (HEC) the Forman Debating Society (FDS) collaborated with the FCC Registrar’s Office and Faculty of Humanities to organize a talk show on Thursday 31 October 2013. The show was organized mainly to provide a platform to the FCC students from Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) and share their experiences on the conditions of education and literacy in these areas. The purpose also was to create awareness among the students in general, and to help raise a voice to the higher education administration for improving educational systems in these provinces. Mr. Bashir Ahmed represented the Regional Director of HEC and presided over the event.


Dean of Humanities, Dr Waseem Anwar expressed his gratitude for the HEC’s commendable initiative and recited his poem ‘Singing Malala’ and dedicated it to the students of Baluchistan and KPK. As ambassadors from their lands, many Baloch and Pashtun students shared their side of the story with the audience. Idress, Naseebullah, Jamal Nasir, Sadia Baluch, Hassaan Fazal, Syed Ajmal represented Baluchistan whereas Farman Akhtar and Islam-ud-din represented FATA. Their factual references highlighted the poor educational conditions they face in their regions.

The speakers requested the HEC to help the people of these areas work for the noble cause of improving literacy and education in their regions. They also unveiled many misperceptions about the people of these areas from being a terrorist to being conservative hardliners objecting to education. They pronounced that only students from Baluchistan and KPK studying in big cities of Pakistan are the hope for their people, so HEC must support them to improve the education sector of these disadvantageous spots of Baluchistan and KPK. In the end Mr. Bashir Ahmed of the HEC took notice of the highlighted critical issues and assured HEC’s commitment to support the cause.