EWS Organizes Plastic Waste Collection Campaign Jan22


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EWS Organizes Plastic Waste Collection Campaign

Considering the huge problem of plastic related waste and its negative impacts on the planet Earth and its biodiversity, team Earth Watch Club took an initiative to start a one-week campaign i.e. (from 9th to 15th January) to collect plastic waste from the university cafeteria. The main objective of the campaign was to engage the students and people in university premises to know about the sustainable ways to tackle plastic related issues on the campus.

Three cardboard boxes were placed on a table near the entrance of the cafeteria and whosoever passed by including the council members and the cafe staff threw his/her plastic bottles, milkshake glasses, straws, etc. into them to be recycled or reused. It had an impressive turnout as the boxes got filled with plastic bottles and other plastic waste in the whole week of campaign. Overall, it was a successful campaign that had a good influence in creating awareness among people and students about the importance of recycling plastic waste.