EWC Organizes Seminar on Reaching for Sustainability on a Campus Nov28


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EWC Organizes Seminar on Reaching for Sustainability on a Campus

On 18th November, 2019, Earth Watch Club organized a seminar on “Reaching Sustainability on a Campus” by Dr. Janel Curry, Vice-Rector Gordon College, Massachusetts, USA.

The main objective of the event was to interact with the student body and faculty to find what they know about sustainable ways to tackle environmental issues on campus. The seminar was open to all student body of FCCU and approximately 100 people attended the seminar.

The Activities Coordinator of EWC, Syed Hasnain Abbas was in charge of hosting the event, while the executive council of the society along with the Faculty of Environmental Sciences of FCCU were also in attendance.

The seminar was a one-hour lecture from 11 to 12 p.m., at the beginning of which attendees were briefed about sustainable practices being carried out at the Calvin College, USA. During the seminar, Dr. Curry enlightened the audience about various ways to reach sustainability from different levels in the university premises. Concluding the lecture, Dr. Curry encouraged attendees to apply these activities at FCCU on an individual level.

It was very informative and interactive for the students from different academic backgrounds as it was not restricted to any field. The attendees also shared their opinions, thoughts and gave suggestions in consideration to the topic.

During the seminar, attendees had the opportunity to brainstorm about solutions, discuss among the peers and develop recommendations on spot. Moreover, the sustainable ways discussed at the seminar gave the FCCU society innovative ideas to promote and apply them on campus.