EWC & BPS Organizes Seminar on Aerosols and Climate Change Nov05


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EWC & BPS Organizes Seminar on Aerosols and Climate Change

The world is stepping forth into an age of climate disasters and mass extinctions and the greatest threats that our species have ever faced. In times marred by global climate strikes and millions marching for climate action and climate justice, the issue of climate change, pollution in our environment and contaminants in our system take center stage giving us an inside look into their dire repercussions on the collective future of the Human race.

The department of Environmental Sciences and the Department of Physics came together in a collaboration to organize an illuminating talk on ‘Aerosols in our Climate Systems’ with the joint cooperation of the Earth Watch Club and Benade Physics Society. Aerosols can have a major impact on climate when they scatter light. In addition to scattering or absorbing radiation, aerosols can alter the reflectivity, or albedo, of the planet and therefore have an important role in our climate systems. The event attempted to explain the myriad of ways in which aerosol particles have significance for our climate systems and how they fit into the context of the global debate on climate and environmental issues.

The departments invited the eminent Dr. Benjamin Grandey to FC College to deliver the lecture to a jam-packed audience dotted with faculty members, graduate and undergrad students. The chairpersons of both departments were also in attendance. An alumnus of the University of Oxford, Dr. Benjamin delivered an incredibly detailed and eloquent lecture to an eager audience. With the aid of his focused and discernable presentation, he proceeded to impart his seemingly endless knowledge of aerosols, their role and their relationship to the climate and did justice to his allotted time of a little less than 1 hour.

The event was widely attended and was the talk of the town. The distinguished guest and faculty members were treated to refreshments as well. The big hit event was a huge success not only for the departments and societies involved but also in the university’s quest to provide the students with events of such significance as this one.